Introducing Joelle Barros

A big warm Triple A welcome to Joelle, who is half Brazilian and half German from New York City. She really is as gorgeous and nice in real life as you'll see from this first intro film in which John quickly got her undressed and over his lap on a trumped up excuse to spank her for wearing the wrong outfit for her very first scene! She could take quite a spanking so he wasn't afraid to ensure that after 5 minutes or so, with her tight volleyball shorts and Brazilian bikini bottoms removed, her cheeks were glowing a shameful red for us all to see! We are also glad this is shot in widescreen as you'll see her long legs flailing which adds to the charm of this first film she made with our company! Ladies & Gents, please enjoy the first of many films we made with the beautiful and sassy Joelle Barros from Triple A Spanking!